Concert Review: Opening for Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes with The Jamie Moses Band at Thursday in the Square:

“The Jamie Moses Band kept the momentum going, as Moses — handling his usual keyboards as well as vocals in the absence of regular vocalist Caitlin, who was away in Los Angeles performing for Simon Cowell’s “X Factor” — pushed through blues-based numbers, each of them highlighted by the jaw-dropping skills of guitarist Ron LoCurto, clearly one of the finest pickers Buffalo can claim.”
~Jeff Miers (Pop Music Critic Buffalo News)

Reviews of Ron LoCurto’s CD “Pattern Seeking Primates”:

“Buffalo native Ron LoCurto grew up on a diet of jazz, classical and rock music and he combines them to great effect on his 2005 CD Pattern Seeking Primates. From complex Zappa-inspired fusion to a more urbane inner city vibe that cuts hard and fast, LoCurto displays some mighty impressive guitar procedures. Supported by Jack Kulp (bass) and John Bacon, Jr. (drums), LoCurto also turns to his rock side on the jazzy, fuzzed out Hendrix styled wah-wah groove of the lead off track “Super Bad.” Further comparisons to masters like John McLaughlin and even Satriani are quite valid as LoCurto rips through his fretboard with compelling precision.”
– Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar

“Guitarist extraordinaire Ron LoCurto has a new CD out titled Pattern Seeking Primates. Playing a melodic jazz/rock fusion style, LoCurto is surrounded by the solid rhythm section of Jack Kulp on bass and John Bacon Jr. on drums. His guitar playing places more emphasis on hitting the right note and not on the million notes a minute method while his solos tend to be adventurous, sparse and fluid and never of the showboating style of many guitarists. Highlights include “Pentatonic Morning”, the reggae-fied “Willow Wisp” and “Coolness.”
– Bob Silvestri,

Review of  TalaRasa’s CD, “West of East”:

“Guitarist, Ron Locurto… employs both soft and Iyrical touches, as well as rollercoaster fast, singularly picked flourishes. Locurto’s fast and articulate technique is reminiscent of guitarist extraordinaire, John McLaughlin. Like McLaughlin, no matter what the tempo, Locurto’s playing always sounds fluid and effortless, even at breakneck speeds.”
–Buffalo Beat, 1998

On Ron’s appearance with Bobby Previte at The Tralf:

“…played with liquid grace.” – Jeff Miers, Buffalo New

On Ron’s appearance at The Music Is Art Festival 2004:

“… rippin’ trio …” – Seamus Gallivan, The Beast