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Ron LoCurto Albums:


Ron LoCurto
“Pattern Seeking Primates”

Guitar: Ron LoCurto
Bass: Jack Kulp
Drums: John Bacon


Tala Rasa
“West of East”

Guitar: Ron LoCurto
Tabla: Ravi Padmanhaba

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Ron LoCurto
“Kaleidoscope” – (1994)

Guitar: Ron LoCurto
Bass: Jack Kulp
Keys: Nelson Starr
Drums: Eric Starr


bella125x125Bands 4 Bella (2011)
Fundraiser for The
Bella Moss Foundation

prog125x125Progressive Rock Hall of Fame (2008)
(Soundscapes Vol. 1)

lake125x125The Lake Local Music Collection (Volume 1)
WLKK 107.7 FM Buffalo

mia125x125Music Is Art Collection (Live Performance)
Good Charamel Records

Other Studio Guitar Work:

CaitlinCaitlin Koch – “The Ex Factor” & Demos (2011 / 2012)
Acoustic Guitar: Ron LoCurto

RAVI2011CDRavi Padmanabha Trio – “My Nada Brahma” (2012)
Guitar: Ron LoCurto


Tonemah – “Mulligan” (2011)
Electric Guitar: Ron LoCurto
Mandolin: Ron LoCurto

WoolseyForMrJSteve Woolsey Band – “For Mr J” (2011)
Electric Guitars: Ron LoCurto

7661893Noa Bursie – “Familiar Addiction” (2008)
Electric Guitar: Ron LoCurto

NoaTalkStoryNoa Bursie – “Talk Story” (2005)
Electric and Nylon String Guitar: Ron LoCurto